A few notes.

Yes we are pet friendly, but we do require vet shot records. We would like to ensure the safety of everyone's fur babies. Also if your pet makes a mess, be sure to clean it up. And they must be on a leash at all times when outside. Also NO PETS are allowed in the office or bathrooms.

Our cabins have a NO PET policy. We are truly sorry your pets can't stay in the cabins. We let a pet in one of our cabins and it ruined a few things. We have put a lot of time into these to make them homely feeling and we can't risk it anymore.

Also there is to be NO SMOKING of any kind in the cabins. If you choose to smoke please DO NOT throw the butts on the ground.

The only thing we want to see in your firepit is WOOD and WOOD ONLY. Meaning NO burning trash.

There are trash cans for cans and trash all around the campground, so there is no need to throw it on the ground.

All of us at Way Back Campground has worked really hard restoring this beautiful place. All we ask in return is that the campers help to keep it clean. and always we want you to enjoy your time with us..

"Come Make Memories With Us"